4 Easy Ways to Make Money off of Your Old Books

Posted on: 17 August 2016

Perhaps you have a big pile of old books lying around that you're simply never going to pick up again. That copy of War and Peace is never going to get read, is it? If your old books are just taking up space, do yourself a favor and make a bit of coin out of them. Read on, and you'll discover just a few easy ways to sell your books and net yourself a bit of a profit.

Start a Garage Sale

You should definitely give this method a try if you have more than just used books to sell. Maybe you have some old furniture, video games, or musical instruments that are collecting dust in your attic. If that's the case, throw up an alert on social media and take out an ad in the local paper telling everyone you're selling a few things out of your garage—including those old used books.

Sell Used Books Online

There are numerous avenues and websites through which you can sell your used books online. Many huge book-outlet websites will often allow users to sell books directly to other users and will take only a small percentage of the profit. It usually only takes a few minutes to set up an account through such sites. Similarly, auction sites are great avenues through which to sell books, especially when you think you can score a good price on a rare, antiquarian, first-pressing, or signed book by selling directly to a potential buyer.

Sell to a Used Book Store

This is a great way for book lovers to get the most bang out of their book's buck, especially since going to a used bookstore in your neighborhood is a great way to immerse yourself in a community of book lovers. Many used bookstores will offer you credit on your used books rather than cash. This amount of credit is usually significantly higher than the amount you would receive in cash, and you can use it to purchase other books you find in the store.

Sell Textbooks Back to Your College Bookstore

After a college semester is over, you can usually sell your books back to a college bookstore. If they're in very good condition, sometimes you can even receive close to market value on the book in question. In almost every case, however, you will have to sell back to the store from which you bought the books in the first place in order to receive the maximum dollar amount.