How To Pair Taoism And Christianity To Form A Powerful Self-Help Method

Posted on: 29 September 2016

When you run into tough times, you turn to your Christian faith to guide you. However, you've needed a little more help lately and you aren't sure where to turn without violating your Christian faith. Try pairing it with Taoism, an ancient Eastern philosophy.

Getting A Basic Grasp On Taoism

Taoism is a simultaneously complex and simple philosophy. Essentially, it focuses on taking a simple and "right" path through life, one that taps into a central and organizing principle of life. This principle is the Tao, and is often compared to God. That isn't 100% accurate, as Tao isn't worshiped as a god, but simply as a controlling idea.

The main focusing points of Taoism are being genuine, spontaneous, natural in your actions, vital, detached from emotional chaos, and simple in your life. The idea of "chi" energy flow is also important, but not absolutely crucial for the purposes of this exercise.

The Connection To Christianity

Christianity is a religion that focuses on the teachings of Jesus Christ and features a variety of principles, such as giving faith to God, living a life free from the judgment of others, avoiding sinful thoughts and behaviors, and behaving in a meek and accepting manner.

The connection between Christianity and Taoism is interesting, as both require following a specific path and behaving in a simple manner. For example, one could use the concept of simplicity taught in Taoism to eliminate lust for goods and other people (a primary Christian teaching). It can also help you learn to accept the bad things in life with the good, and to praise God no matter what.

Readings That Can Help

The most obvious guide into a Christian life is the Holy Bible, especially the New Testament. The teachings here have given Christians guidance for over 2,000 years. Taoist teaching is a little trickier to find. There is really no centralized "Bible" of Taoism, and many people have written on it for centuries.

However, one of the most respected and beloved Taoist texts is the Tao Te Ching. This simple collection of poetic musings and pondering was written many years ago and can serve as a powerful reminder of the guiding light of the Tao and how it can help you be a stronger and more effective Christian.

Tapping into the philosophy of Taoism is not a betrayal of your Christian faith. Though there are religious ideas behind Taoism, you can use its philosophy, rather than its religiosity, to help yourself through tough patches. Most Taoist teachings don't violate Christian morality, so don't be afraid to try it out. You can get in touch with centers and foundations like the Burnell Foundation, which have original texts and important documents that can help answer questions and deepen your knowledge of you or another religion.