The Three Phases Of A Spiritual Ascension Event

Posted on: 4 October 2016

Spiritual ascension is a key moment when your spirit awakens, often revealing to you your true self and purpose on this plane of existence. There are generally several phases that you will go through spiritually during this awakening and ascension, which can be disconcerting or even frightening if you don't know what to expect. The following guide can help.

Phase 1: The triggering event

For a spontaneous awakening there is usually a single triggering event that causes your spirit to ascend. Examples of common spontaneous triggers include personal illness, near death experiences, the loss of a loved one, or any other profound or traumatic event.

There are also gradual awakenings. These don't happen with the immediacy of the spontaneous awakening, but they may occur to a single trigger that sends you on the path to ascension. Gradual awakenings can also occur due to a series of ongoing events or even a single long event ā€“ such as a journey or extended pilgrimage.

Phase 2: The opening of awareness

This is the most difficult time of spiritual ascension. You are often struck with personal or all encompassing revelations, but these revelations may also lead to more questions. This phase is sometimes marked by anxiety and fear by those that are not attuned to the spiritual changes that are taking place.

You may even experience physical symptoms, such as loss of appetite, reduced or increased energy, tingling in the skin, or even visions. It's wise to have your health checked by a doctor to make sure these symptoms aren't related to any health conditions, otherwise understand that they are a normal part of the ascension process.

Phase 3: Healing and completion

The final phase is the phase of healing. You may experience warm feelings of love and acceptance, or you may be driven to begin fulfilling your life's purpose. The symptoms from phase 2 will gradually lessen and eventually disappear as your awakening progresses.

After awakening, you will likely be more content with your life and your place in the world around you. This is in part due to a feeling of connection that many spiritually ascending people feel. Keep in mind that though the process of awakening is considered complete, in actuality it is ongoing and you can reach higher planes of awakening by remaining attuned to your spiritual self.

You can reach out to a spiritual leader like Master's Way if you feel you have experienced an ascension event are beginning to enter the awakening process. They can help answer your questions and ease your fears.